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Setup Guide(2)

When you first receive the box you will find the following items inside.

-Streaming Box

-Power Cord

-Controller with batteries

-HDMI Cable

-CVBS Cable

To connect the box plug in the power cord to the box.

Then, depending on your television, plug in the HDMI or CVBS cable to the box and the television. Most likely you will have an HDMI source on your TV that will look something like this:

if you cant find that source then you will have to use the CVBS cables.

Once the box is connected and running you need to switch to the according source on your television. To accomplish this press the input or source button on your television’s control (NOT THE BOX’s CONTROLLER) and switch the sources until it matches the one your HDMI/CVBS cable was connected to:

If you are not sure which source matches your input then keep checking one by one (waiting a couple of seconds for it to load) until you get some visual. The home interface looks as follow:

You are now ready to continue to step two of this guide! (Setup Steps – Second Installing EpicOneTV)



Once your box is plugged in and you can see everything running on your television the first thing you will have to do is connect to the internet.

You have two options:

Connect directly to the box with an Ethernet cable, labeled as LAN:


Or connect to WIFI.

In order to do either of those you will first have to go inside settings (Z Settings).

Once in there you will have the option to choose WIFI or Ethernet.

if you choose Ethernet, wait for a connection to be established and you are ready to go!

Otherwise, Click on WIFI and choose your wifi connection. You will then be prompted to enter the password (if any). Enter your password and wait for a successful connection.


Once connected to the internet press the home button on your controller

Then launch/open/click on the EpicOneTV application.

Once the application opens it will direct you to install the EpicOneTV configuration files. Click on ‘Install EpicOneTV’.

You will then be prompted to accept the terms of use. Once accepted the download will begin followed by a configuration.

Wait for everything to finish. Once finished, you will be asked to unplug the box and reboot the system. It’s IMPORTANT that you unplug the box (power supply) for all configurations to take effect for at least 10 seconds. Missing this step will cause installation errors (check technical issues Faqs to see how to fix this if you skipped this step).

Plug the box back in again and relaunch the EpicOneTV application. Once you open the application again it will ask you to wait a few seconds for all settings to update.

When you see the blue wheel spinning it means it is loading movies/images. Give it some time to load otherwise your system could glitch if rushing operations.

You should now be ready to enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows*!


If by any chance you are not seeing this screen, have a constant black screen or you get a different interface please read our Installation Error FAQS.


*We are constantly releasing new updates and improving the system. When this happens you will get a message telling you a new update has been released. For those changes to take effect all you have to do is quit the application and relaunch it.

For any question please contact support and we will get back with you as soon as possible

General How-to's(4)

Using the control remote is the same as any other controller, but there are some special functions that are good to know in order to navigate the system.

Here we will go over on the functions that the buttons take inside the EpicOneTV system:

and outside on the Android menu:


OK Button:

This button is used to select/click on whatever it is you want to use. Consider it the click button of a mouse, or the enter key of a keyboard.

On the EpicOneTV application this button has a particular function when watching shows/movies (aside from the same function as above). When you are playing a show/movie, pressing this button will open up a menu which includes the typical playback functions and other (these are explained on the Shows/Movies Menu Bar FAQS).


Home Button:

This button takes you directly to the Android home menu doesn’t matter where you are. This is even true if you are inside the EpicOneTV application, or any other application for that matter. Take it as a global button to go back to the main Android menu.


Navigation Buttons:

These buttons are used to navigate the interface and it works the same for any application or the Android menu. Simply press the corresponding button to move up, left, right or down.

When inside EpicOneTV, pressing the left navigation button will open the left-side menu (but only if there are no movies/shows to navigate through first).

Once inside the left-side menu, pressing the right navigation will jump into the smaller sub-menu. And pressing right again inside the sub-menu will completely close the menu. From there you can navigate by going up and down. Pressing left will take your pointer back to the main menu when inside the sub-menu. Play around with it, and you will catch on.


Back Button:

This button is used to go back to the previous screen. This is true for both the Android menu and any other application that you are running. When inside the EpicOneTV application and playing a show/movie, this button is also used to hide the menu shown below:

Whenever you find yourself lost somewhere on the EpicOneTV application, keep pressing this button and it will eventually lead you back to the EpicOneTV main menu (Not to be confused with the Android Home menu).


Menu Button:

This button is used to open the left-side-menu tab on the EpicOneTV application. Simply press and hold the button* until the menu opens up. Follow the same steps to close the menu.

When you hold and press this button for more than 3 seconds you will notice a small rocket animation. This is something that works globally, kind of like the home menu button, so don’t be alarmed if you are constantly setting it off as it will not affect anything. It will just clear the memory and it is recommended to use it periodically to boost performance.

*You may need to press this particular button somewhat hard for it to work.


Now that you have control over the system. let’s see the basics of running your EpicOneTV application by reading the ‘Playing Movies/Shows on EpicOneTV’ FAQ.


We will now go over the steps to watch movies and shows on your system.


To watch a movie, first select the movie you wish to watch:

A new window will open up, letting you know that it is looking for sources for you to play. wait for it to finish searching (max 15 seconds):

Once it is done searching for sources a new window will open up with a list of movies and quality setttings that you can choose.

Select the quality you wish to play (1080p are the highest quality, followed by HD and last CAM*) and your movie will start playing in a few seconds. If for some reason the movie doesn’t play after a few seconds, keep trying again a few times. If that doesn’t work try playing other sources, as some may be temporarily down.



watching TV shows is similar to movies but with some added steps. First choose the show you wish to watch:

A new window will open letting you choose the season:

Once you choose the season, a new window will open with a list of the available episodes:

Select the episode from the list and then the same steps as the movies will follow. Wait for sources to load, and then choose which source and quality you wish to play.

Again, if for some reason the show is not playing then try again. If that doesn’t work try another source.


Read the following guide ‘Using The Playback Buttons’ if you wish to learn more about using the movies/shows menu:

Happy binge watching!!!


*some new movies may be available but with low quality. If you wish to watch them with the best quality possible, it is always best to wait a few weeks and keep checking back for better videos to be uploaded.

Here we will go over some basic, yet important, buttons to take note of on the playback menu.

NOTE: to open this menu you need to press the OK button on your controller:

1 – Pause Button

Doesn’t need much explanation, it will pause/play your current show/movie.

2 – Stop Button

This button is used to stop the movie/show completely. If you want to finish watching or exit a show/movie press this button. Failure to do so will keep the movie/show running on the background and can lead to errors. Consider it your exit button from movies/shows that are playing.

3 – Loop Button

This button will keep the same movie/show running in a loop once it finishes.

4 – Volume Button

This button can be used to raise the volume of the system. Sometimes raising the volume of the Television alone will not be enough if the application’s master volume is set to low.

5 – Subtitles Button

This button will open up options to add subtitles to your movies. Currently there are only options for English and Spanish version.

To read more about this option check the ‘Adding Subtitles to My Shows and Movies’ guide.


Finally, to hide the menu press the back button on your controller. Alternatively, it will auto hide after a few seconds:

In this guide we will go over adding subtitles to shows and movies.

Take note that not all movies and shows have subtitles.


First press the OK button on your controller to open the playback menu:

Once the menu opens click on the subtitles button:

This window will open up:

There are two options here that you can choose from. The first one, OpenSubtitles, is for English subtitles. The second one, Subdivx, is for Spanish subtitles. Choose the option you wish to load subtitles for and they will all load on the left side.

Make sure to select the one that matches the movie you are watching as occasionally you will get similar titled subtitles available on the list. Also, some subtitles may be off (time wise) so you may have to try with different ones until you find the right one.

If for some reason the subtitle you chose is not the correct one, click on the subtitles button again. This time new options will appear:

Click on the Download option and the subtitles window will now open. Follow the same steps as above until you find the right one.

Technical Issues(4)

Sometimes the system will crash due to overloading. If this is the case please unplug the box and reboot the application.

Sometimes the system will quit unexpectedly due to overloading or internal error. If this is the case simply relaunch the EpicOneTV application.

If you can see the home menu labels (such as ‘New Movies’, ‘Comedy Movies’…) but there are no movies/shows displaying then there could be two common errors.

First try rebooting the application by quitting and relaunching. Sometimes settings and plugins don’t load correctly which leads to a broken interface.

If rebooting didn’t solve the issue, check for a ‘Exodus Plugin Error’ when first starting the application. One of the servers may be down and it could take a few minutes for the service to be back. try waiting 10-15 minutes and try again by relaunching the application.

If the issue persists for a prolonged time please contact support.

If you followed the steps to install the EpicOneTV Configuration Installation and you are not seeing any movies/shows, are stuck in a black screen or forgot to unplug the box after installation please do the following.

First try unplugging the box and relaunching the application.

If that didn’t solve the issue then please read carefully and follow the following steps:

1)Go to Settings on the Android home menu Settings

2)This window will open. Then go to the Other tab

3)Under the Other tab Press More Settings

4)This window will open. Then go to the apps tab under Devices menu

5)This will window will open up. Search for the EpicOneTV application and click on it.

6)Press ‘Clear Data’ and wait for all data to be cleared. This will set your application back to factory settings. Be careful NOT TO PRESS UNINSTALL, this will erase the application from your device permanently!!!

7)Relaunch the EpicOneTV Application and follow the steps again to install the EpicOneTV configurations. You can get to the home menu by pressing the home button on your controller.


Sometimes there are errors during installation due to slow internet or settings not being installed correctly. If the problem continues follow the same steps above 1-2 times more.

If errors continue after clearing data and reinstalling the system a couple of times, please contact support so we may further assist you.